Bride Groom Wedding Stickers


Bride Groom Wedding Stickers

Bride and Groom stickers, Wedding Vinyl, Wedding Decal, bride and groom vinyl, wedding stickers, Rose Gold Stickers

1xBride & 1x Groom Vinyl Decal/Stickers (Vinyl Sticker Only)

Can be used to make your own personalised Bride and Groom Sign etc.

Each Sticker size is made to order so please advise when ordering

They are available in the following colours.

sparkly purple,
sparkly red,
sparkly silver
Sparkly cobalt
Sparkly gold


Plain Black
Plain Turquoise
Plain Hot pink
Plain Mint green
Plain Violet
Plain White
Plain Ultra blue
Plain Rose Gold

If your colour is not on this list then please contact us to find your perfect colour


These can be used to decorate any glasses/mirrors or other items such as boxes, windows, pretty much any smooth flat surface. The photos are just to show what can be done with these stickers.

Once applied they can be washed but only by hand not in a dishwasher

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