Deciding on the right Wedding Jewellery for you.

The Dress has been bought, The Bridesmaids are sorted but now comes the difficult part deciding on what Jewellery and Hair accessories that you need or actually want to wear.  Are you wanting a heirloom  that  you can pass on down to your daughter or am item that you would like to wear again?

Every bride wants that ‘I do’ moments and making sure that you have the right colour and style for your outfit is a must.

WEDDING JEWELLERY – What Choices do i have ?

As I speak to Brides to Be I always ask  have your  found THE DRESS  yet?  This is the  first stage in deciding on style and colour thats suites both you and your dress.

Choose pieces with a design that’s sympathetic to your dress. Ideally, your jewellery will complement the style of your dress and any other accessories that you will be wearing.  Also will you be wearing a high necked dress as if so you may not have the capacity to wear a necklace and the same goes if you have sleeves, is the bracelet going to be visible?


Some necklaces styles look better with certain necklines. Here’s what to try:

Plunge/v-shape – choose a necklace with a pendant so that it falls in a “V” shape to mimic and complement your neckline.

Sweetheart – a simple short necklace or choker is always safe, but a necklace with a more ornate style will also really stand out (depending on the detail on your dress neckline). Choose a piece that falls higher than the dip in the neckline. If you’re wearing an elaborate necklace, balance the look with a pair of simple stud earrings.

One shoulder dress – we say less is more. Don’t risk ruining the asymmetric lines created by your gorgeous dress. Instead, try a pair of chandelier earrings and a bold cuff.

Strapless – try a string of pearls or crystals, a delicate pendant necklace or choker length necklace.

Round neck – opt for a fairly short single or multi-stranded necklace or a choker to sit inside the neckline.

Halterneck – don’t wear any necklace at all with this style of neckline – earrings and bracelets will complement this type of neckline better.

Backless dress – How about this stunning back necklace that just shouts out WOW!


Try the following styles.  Remember there is a great selection of clip on earrings if you don’t have pierced ears.

Oval faces – a highly versatile face shape, oval faces suit all types of earrings and necklaces, in particular teardrops and ovals.

Heart-shaped faces – try earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top. All lengths and types of necklaces work well with this face shape.

Round faces – long drop earrings are a good choice to balance out this face shape. V-shaped necklaces also add length visually. It’s perhaps best to avoid round, more chunky-style earrings.

Square faces – large, round or long dangly earrings flatter this square faces. It’s best to avoid large, angular styles.

Long hair – if you are wearing your hair down, small earrings may be hidden under flowing tresses, so choose bigger, more dramatic earrings.

Long/short necks – long drop earrings work well with a long neck, but this style may emphasise a short neck, where shorter drops look better. However, putting your hair up elongates the neck, so you can then go for those chandeliers!



What Colour should you wear?

Now this can be a tricky one as if you get it wrong it can spoil the look that you are going for.   From my experience I have found that if you are fair of skin then silver looks stunning.  Rose Gold matches all skin tones and Gold you tend to find that this matches the darker skin tones.  However this is just my opinion and the best way to find this is to try on a number of different colour choices and see which one suits you best.  Remember your wedding so find the colour that suits you best and you wont be disappointed.




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